"We have a new name! The Guadalupe Land Trust has changed our name to the Tacoma Urban Land Trust. The mission of TULT is to acquire and preserve green spaces in Tacoma, WA. We intend that the gardens will help connect neighbors to one another, nourish and sustain our ethnic diversity, and serve as an educational opportunity for our young and older community members as well as provide space to grow nutritious foods."

Come see what's growing in the heart of Tacoma.

New Name!

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The Guadalupe Land Trust has changed our name to Tacoma Urban Land Trust. There are many reasons for the name change but the main one is the confusion the name Guadalupe caused. Many people thought we were catholic or associated with our neighbors, Guadalupe House and Guadalupe Vista. We share a neighborhood with these wonderful organizations, and some history but have no direct affiliation with them currently. We also wanted our name to indicate our location in Tacoma and our mission is aligned with many similar urban land trusts in the country. Tacoma Urban Land Trust it is!

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